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What is RTD?

The Research and Technology Development conference is an all encompassing event for researchers, students, and academics who are involved with research and technology. It's about networking, learning about technologies, developing new skills in our workshops, and meeting new people who may, or may not, have the same interests as you. RTD is a blowout party, it's thoughtful discussion, and it puts you in a place to ponder "what if..."

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Join Us for 2018!

Join us for the Research and Technology Development conference September 17-18 at Missouri S&T. Experience interactive workshops, updates on the latest technologies, and networking opportunities. This year's RTD event will be the biggest ever, with more take-away skills, more talented researchers and students coming together, and more of what makes the technology and research community great.

RTD 2018 pillars

Remote Sensing

Find out how to create unmanned data gathering platforms, both interactively and autonomously. Learn terms and techniques, get hands-on with the tech, and explore the world of autonomous data collection.


Learn to utilize the power of modern computing technologies to process and comprehend massive amounts of data. Experience hands-on workshops to discover how HPC can impact your research.


Data is important, but actually understanding that data is invaluable. Visualize, share, and interact with your data beyond the screen. Find new, fast ways to discover trends and anomalies.

Powered by S&T and UND

Together with Missouri S&T’s IT Research Support Services, the University of North Dakota has collaborated to bring previous RTD events to life. This year we continue the tradition with UND as an esteemed partner institution for RTD 2018.

ITRSS provides a broad layer of support to S&T’s research community as well as facilitating a large number of student-involved activities. ITRSS is committed to helping students go beyond the classroom by giving students the opportunity to practice and highlight practical knowledge, leadership skills, and self improvement.